Top 4 celebrity mysteries about the Canary Islands

The Canary Island has always been a place for the celebrities. Some of the celebrities have left some mysteries behind in these islands. Here are the top celebrity mysteries about the Canary Island.


1. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton visited Tenerife in 1970. There were rumours that they love the place so much that they bought a mansion and banana plantation here.


2. The greatest detective fiction writer Agatha Christie spent a week at La Orotava and Puerto de La Cruz in Tenerife in 1927. She didn’t like it much as she found it hard to swim because of the rocks. So, she took a ferry and came to Las Palmas.  She came to the Canary Islands after the end of her first marriage to get over with her depression. She was even unable to write. The island inspired to start writing again. She never went back to the Canary Islands as she believed that a person should not go back to the place where he or she was happy, else the happy memories will be ruined.


3. Beatle members Paul McCartney, Ringo Star and George Harrison, came to Tenerife in 1963. John Lennon didn’t come as he went to Barcelona instead. The three Beatles members stayed at a German friend’s cottage on Tenerife, got sunburned but were not noticed by the public. They became popular a few months later, but never returned to the Canary Islands.


4. The supermodel Naomi Campbell stayed in Las Palmas after splitting with her boyfriend. She accidentally took an overdose of pills that were wrongly prescribed by the local doctor. Some say she deliberately took the overdose.


Lots of mysteries lie behind these beautiful islands. People still come from all over the world to have a look at a piece of paradise on earth.


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The Unique Places To Visit In Tenerife

Tenerife is a popular destination in the Canary Islands and is considered one of the top holiday destinations in Europe.  Many tourists go to Tenerife for the beautiful beaches, resorts and nightlight there is a lot more on offer.  This volcanic island hosts diverse and cultured attractions that will be ideal for any holiday maker.  Some of Europe's best hiking trail can be found here which will help the adventurous get off the beaten track for a while. 


The 10 Best Off The Beaten Track Places To Visit In Tenerife


Did you know that Tenerife is the home of some of Europe's best hiking trails?  One of the trails that you have to see if the route that takes you along the foothills of Pico del Teide or Mount Teide which is a UNESCO world heritage site.  This is Spain's highest mountain and is the third largest volcano in the world.  If you are feeling up to it then you can hike to the peak which is 3718 meters above sea level.  It is also possible to take a cable car to 3500 meters and look out over the landscape if you are not feeling up to the hike. 


If taking a hike up to the top if Spain's highest mountain is not the activity for you then you should look at taking the ferry to La Gomera.  This neighbouring island is the home of Garajonay Nation Park.  It is possible to hike through the park to Alto de Garajonay which is the highest point of the island. 


If hiking is not the answer for you then you can take advantage of the star gazing on offer.  The Teide Observatory, which is the largest solar observatory in the work, is found on Mount Teide at 2390 meters above sea level. You can take a cable car to the observatory in the evening and then spend the night stargazing using one of the best solar telescopes in Europe. 


If history is more to your liking then you can explore the charming historical buildings and cobbled alleys.  The best place to go will be La Laguna which is a UNESCO world heritage site.  This village is a great day away from the busy resorts and beaches. 


Of course, you will need to spend some time on the beaches because Tenerife is known for them.  However, you do not have to go to the ocean for a swim because there are a number of natural rock pools in Garachico.  These rock pools are a great place to swim without having to worry about the waves. 


Another cultural, historical and artistic gem is the old town of La Orotava.  This town dates back to the 16th century and boasts colourful streets and Spanish colonial architecture.  There are a number of shops that you can browse and outdoor cafes to keep you entertained. 


Taking a trip to Teno Rural Park is a must because this is an ancient volcanic massif which has been created through erosion and exposed volcanic plugs.  All of these combine to create an interesting and gorgeous landscape.  The park is also an ecological treasure as it is a sanctuary for many species including the osprey. 


Teno Rural Park also hosts a number of ravines and the hamlet of Masca.  Masca is a fascinating place to visit as it is an example of the natural architecture of the Canary Islands.  There is a small 18th-century church and the ravine will lead you all the way to the sea.  If you choose one of the organised excursions to the area you will be able to hike down the ravine and be picked up by a boat at the end. 


If you go to Los Gigantes you will get a different beach experience.  You will be able to sunbathe under imposing cliffs away from the crowds.  The beach is also made of black sand from the volcano. 


If you are looking for whale watching then you should head to the South West coast.  There are 26 different species which appear in the wild off the coast.  This is one of the best places to go to see these giants in their natural habitat.


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