Top 4 celebrity mysteries about the Canary Islands

The Canary Island has always been a place for the celebrities. Some of the celebrities have left some mysteries behind in these islands. Here are the top celebrity mysteries about the Canary Island.


1. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton visited Tenerife in 1970. There were rumours that they love the place so much that they bought a mansion and banana plantation here.


2. The greatest detective fiction writer Agatha Christie spent a week at La Orotava and Puerto de La Cruz in Tenerife in 1927. She didn’t like it much as she found it hard to swim because of the rocks. So, she took a ferry and came to Las Palmas.  She came to the Canary Islands after the end of her first marriage to get over with her depression. She was even unable to write. The island inspired to start writing again. She never went back to the Canary Islands as she believed that a person should not go back to the place where he or she was happy, else the happy memories will be ruined.


3. Beatle members Paul McCartney, Ringo Star and George Harrison, came to Tenerife in 1963. John Lennon didn’t come as he went to Barcelona instead. The three Beatles members stayed at a German friend’s cottage on Tenerife, got sunburned but were not noticed by the public. They became popular a few months later, but never returned to the Canary Islands.


4. The supermodel Naomi Campbell stayed in Las Palmas after splitting with her boyfriend. She accidentally took an overdose of pills that were wrongly prescribed by the local doctor. Some say she deliberately took the overdose.


Lots of mysteries lie behind these beautiful islands. People still come from all over the world to have a look at a piece of paradise on earth.


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